Redwood (California), Cypress (Portugal), Orange Tree (both), Iberian Stork Nest (Algarve): Commissioned mural in Lagos, Portugal
house paint
6' x 10'

"Inside the Box" was a 2016 collaboration between the Integrative Design Group and Prison Project, two student groups at Colorado College. We constructed five boxes scaled to the size of a standard solitary confinement cell. The culminating event of the project was a series of speeches by a local professor in psychology and a formerly incarcerated citizen who had experienced this kind of confinement. After the speeches, five individuals entered the cells to spend as close to 24 hours as they could inside the boxes with minimal accommodations. The goal of the project was to force passersby to empathize with the inhumanity of such restrictive confinement and to further the conversation about problems in our justice system. The murals were done by Alejandro Perez-Hobrecker; they depict the faces and stories of some people who have experienced record stretches of time in solitary. construction by Ryan Bing, Miles Cooper, Graham Coffman, Andrew Meyer, Chris Lincoln, Abram Mamet, Sabrina Piersol, Lucy Marshall, and other student helpers of Integrative Design Group at Colorado College. Prison Project organization by Abram Mamet, Beka Adair and the faculty and student members of Prison Project at Colorado College

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